Personal Training & gyrotonic®exercise

no contracts - no registration fees - no annual fees - no cancellation fees

Personal Training 

$50 per Session

  • 12 Session Private Workout Package

  • 30 Minute Sessions of Strength Training


$70 per session

  • First Introductory Visit $50

  • 50 Minute Sessions of GYROTONIC® Exercise Method

  • Package includes Initial and Ongoing Postural and Movement Digital Assessments

  • Homework Exercise Routines

  • 6 Session Package - $420

28 Day Health


$70 per Session

  • Consultation to discuss lifestyle and goals

  • Review of current eating habits, food cravings, moods and behaviors

  • Measurements & Photos - Before and After

  • Healthy Eating Guidelines, Menus, Food Shopping Guide, & Recipes

  • Review your natural supplements and learn what foods will give you these same nutrients

  • Weekly Homework & Progress Tracking

  • 1 hour sessions meet weekly

  • 4 Session Consult Package - $280

Back Pain program & Massage Therapy

BAck Pain Relief Program

$100 per Session

  • Our Back Pain Relief Program is 10 Weeks Long

  • 3 Treatment Sessions per Week - 50 Minute Sessions 

  • Myofascial Release Massage Therapy

  • A combination of the following therapies are offered based on the individualized treatment protocol

    • Strength Training & Spinal Stability on Med-X Back Machine

    • Postural Exercises and Homework

    • Core Stabilizing Therapy

    • Neural Reset Therapy®

    • GYROTONIC® Exercise Method

  • Nutritional Support Information

Plantar Fasciitis Relief Program

$100 Per Session

  • 2 Treatment Sessions per Week - 50 Minute Sessions

  • Massage & Adhesion Release Therapy

  • Foot & Exercise Routine

  • Homework Routine

  • Nutritional Support Information

massage Therapy for immediate pain management

massage appointment

$100 Per Session

  • 50 Minute Pain Relief - One Time Session

  • Please Arrive Early to Complete Intake Form

  • We will assess the quality, the severity, location, and duration (acute/chronic) of the pain.

  • The intake form, health history, pain assessment, present symptoms and observation of movement will guide our therapeutic intervention. A combination of strategic therapies and interventions will be used to ease the current pain event and provide immediate and short term pain relief.

  • In order to continue to experience long term pain relief after the first session we encourage all of our clients to consider a natural multidisciplinary approach to pain management that includes Massage therapy, Neural Reset Therapy®, Strength Training, Posture Therapy and movement reeducation with the GYROTONIC® Exercise Method.