personal training

Get stronger, Improve your posture, achieve weightloss, relieve pain

Dr. Joseph Von Thron working out every week!

Dr. Joseph Von Thron working out every week!


Why Personal Training?

Are you setting fitness goals for your next race, next holiday, birthday, or reunion? Are you recovering from back surgery and have finished your physical therapy treatment but still need more strengthening? Do you have chronic and non specific back pain? We can help you accomplish your fitness goals, improve your posture, lose weight or regain your strength after long term inactivity.

Our personal trainers are able to help you address your fears, lead you forward, and help you accomplish your goals.  Our trainers have over twenty years experience working with clients and developing individually tailored workouts resulting in increased strength, weightloss, improved posture, and pain relief.

what to expect

We offer all of our clients an initial Posture and Movement Assessment to help us develop the best course of action along with corrective exercises for each person’s unique situation.  We do this because after years of training, we have found that everyone benefits from corrective exercises that rebalance the body by:

  • Removing compensations

  • Strengthening weaker muscles

  • Turning off contracted muscles

  • Improving and correcting spinal movement  

By doing this, we allow the body to

  • Achieve maximum strength gains

  • Achieve faster recovery from injuries or surgeries

  • Achieve faster pain relief

  • Achieve weight loss goals and improve body image