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Fitness Therapy gym members

Fitness Therapy gym members


We have a belief that no matter what condition your body is in right now,  that there is an easy and fun way to help you get back into shape and enjoy good health and longevity.

We believe that you are designed to have plenty of energy, to move with with grace and fluidity, to stand straight, to sleep soundly through the night, to be active and to experience a sense of wellbeing at all ages.

We believe that with proper coaching, a few corrections to exercise form, some attention to the soft tissue of the body, and some nutritional support you can reverse the signs of aging and achieve total wellbeing. 


We have discovered a truth for ourselves that the greatest satisfaction in our work lives comes from helping others. We may love our families, enjoy nature, be passionate about fitness, but when it comes to finding satisfaction in our work lives, nothing compares to helping people regain balance through exercise and eating right. 


Our mission is to be the best gym to help people lose weight, get strong and live long!

our studio

We designed our studio to provide the most effective workouts in the safest way possible. We believe that Fitness should be your therapy and the benefits should be achieved with each workout. At Fitness Therapy you will learn how to workout safely, more efficiently, and learn proper posture and gait techniques. As a result you will see that you can build muscle and improve your strength, improve your cardiovascular health, raise your metabolic rate and start burning fat. You will also notice improvement in all markers of cellular health including lowering blood pressure, lowering insulin resistance, a stronger heart recovery rate, and overall health and wellbeing. 

Strength Training Equipment

We selected our strength machines from the only company with research and clinically proven strength and rehabilitative gains. Our Med X equipment is backed by independent university based research and proven to provide training efficiency with its biomechanical precision and low friction. 

Woodway Treadmills

Our treadmills were chosen to provide our members with the safest treadmill experience anywhere and again backed by research to cause less impact to your joints than the common belt driven treadmills you find at other gyms. We chose Woodway treadmills for ultimate user comfort and performance.  Woodway is the choice treadmill for athletes worldwide and professional sports teams. 

GYROTONIC® Pulley tower machine

The result of 30 years of research and development by Juliu Horvath the developer of the GYROTONIC® EXPANSION SYSTEM® Method, the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower machine allows for three dimensional functional movement, supporting the full and natural range of movement of the joints. Its unique weighted pulley system offers smooth even support and resistance throughout the range of motion without jarring or compression. Ultimately contributing to an improved range of motion, flexibility, strength, and balance.

Comfortable Flooring

In addition to our treadmills and medical strength equipment, we designed our yoga and TRX room with specialized flooring.  After years of experiencing uncomfortably and sometimes slippery hard floors in aerobics classes, yoga classes, and other gyms we decided to do just the opposite and provide a wonderfully comfortable non-slip surface. Our flooring is padded with a thick Dollamur professional grade wrestling mat to protect your knees and elbows during workouts, allowing you to focus on developing your body’s strength and flexibility. 

Inspired by nature 

As for the aesthetic design of our studio we wanted to reflect our appreciation for nature’s beauty and therapeutic power. We used real wood for our wall paneling, wooden beams to support the metal rafters that secure our TRX straps and locally crafted wood furniture and barn doors that lend a rustic yet elegant coastal feel to our studio. We finished off our walls with a collection of Florida Highwayman art, highlighting the beauty of untouched coastal Florida landscapes. Michael’s father was a lifelong art collector and before passing away in 2015 he gifted our family with some of our favorite Highwayman pieces of art. If you are an admirer of Florida coastal landscapes, we feature artwork by Harold Newton, Sam Newton, James Gibson, Johnny Daniels, and others belonging to the Florida Highwayman Hall of Fame. 

Environmentally Conscious studio

We strive to make our studio a healthy space to workout in. Members are provided with water filtration stations to avoid the use of plastic bottles and the best tasting water possible during and after workouts and also serve organic teas and coffee during morning hours. We understand the importance of indoor air quality and filter our air to keep allergens down and provide an extra level of protection against viruses and germs reducing the need for harsh cleansers such as bleach and ammonia.  We understand that in order to stay healthy we must surround ourselves with a healthy environment and we try to achieve that by using healthy cleaning products. We carefully select our cleaning products from companies that use organic and botanical ingredients that are safe for the user and the environment. Our hand wipes are safe and non toxic and we use hydrogen peroxide to wipe down and clean our equipment and mats. Our window cleaners, hand soaps, laundry detergent, floor cleaners, and bathroom cleansers are all made of beautifully smelling ingredients that combine to result in a spa like scent throughout our studio that is clean, healthy and uplifting to the spirit. Come and experience it for yourself!


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