michael slotin

After working with thousands of people over a 30 year span, Michael started Fitness Therapy to help people that are either in pain or want to lose weight.  For the people that are in pain, he uses massage therapy, strength training and assisted stretching to create balance and relieve pain. The other half of his clients come to Fitness Therapy because they want help losing weight. Licensed Massage Therapist of 14 years and Certified Personal Trainer since 1995. Michael applies principles of Super Slow Strength Training, CORE Myofascial Therapy, Neural Reset Therapy® and Active Isolated Stretching along with Postural Assessments to treat his clients. In addition Michael is a licensed GYROTONIC® Trainer.


christina slotin

Christina’s interest in herbalism blossomed when she was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in 2000 and began to find relief via herbs, nutrition, and exercise.  Incorporating macrobiotic concepts into her family’s diet, herbal classes, self study, and experimenting in her own kitchen, Christina soon found herself using her knowledge to address her own family’s health. Working at Fitness Therapy has allowed Christina to nourish her desire to learn about herbalism and share her knowledge about the role of diet and traditional herbal remedies for women’s physical, mental and spiritual health. In addition to her study of herbalism, Christina also offers advanced personal training to correct posture, relieve pain and increase strength. Christina is a licensed GYROTONIC® Trainer, B.S. Environmental Science and Student Herbalist.


michelle hendricks

Michelle, a yoga practitioner for eight years, became a teacher three years ago.  She loves seeing members discover the benefits of yoga, including peace and inner strength that can be applied to life outside of the studio.  Fitness Therapy’s positive energy and welcoming staff inspire Michelle as a teacher and a person to help others be the healthiest versions of themselves they can be. Professional Experience: B.A., Psychology and Registered Yoga Teacher Certifications: Reiki Master, BET, MBTI


pam Siljestrom Van horn

Pam has long been interested in the human body and wellness, which led her to become a massage therapist five years ago. She is passionate about the benefits of massage therapy, and focuses on facilitating the body's ability to heal and move pain free.  Pam’s continued growth in knowledge and experience in various types of massage therapy have made it a central part of her life and at Fitness Therapy, she loves sharing her wisdom with members to help them become healthier in mind, body, and spirit. License: Massage Therapist MA 72017       Modalities: Chinese Cupping Therapy, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Pregnancy Massage, Trigger Point Therapy

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